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Let the Journey Begin

So, you’ve got your degree — or you will soon enough. Now it’s time to take on the working world. We know deciding where to start your career can be as nerve-wracking as it is exciting. Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want to do. Maybe you don’t even have a technology background. The good thing is, at Microsoft, you have lots of options.

Microsoft Academy For College Hires (MACH)

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What is MACH?
MACH provides a targeted two year curriculum to ensure participants are supported to transition into their appropriate professions and career development to equip employees with the knowledge to plan and action their long term careers.

The MACH program…

  • Helps participants onboard with ease and acclimate at Microsoft more quickly
  • Connects participants to a global network of MACH peers and alumni

Mentoring and Career Coaching
Each MACH participant benefits from regular mentoring, professional coaching and developmental skills training. In addition to the coaching/mentoring they will receive from their hiring manager, all MACH participants will be paired with a peer mentor in year one of the program, and will receive additional guidance and coaching in his/her career in year two.

The customized MACH training curriculum provides both role-specific and business acumen courses regionally around the world.In addition to the hands-on experience they receive on the job at Microsoft, MACH hires will participate in intense, worldclass training sessions over the course of two years. The first year training opportunities are focused on core role-specific and business skills, and the second year offerings are designed to suit MACH participants needs to spend as much time as possible with his/her job with customers and partners. Most training therefore will be offered via e-learning method during this second year.

MACH is a Growing Community
Overall, we have more than 1,800 MACH hires around the world today in more than 60 countries.

Long-Term Career Benefits
After the first two years, participants graduate from the MACH Program and are able to continue to grow their careers at Microsoft. Successful graduates are expected to be well equipped to long term to fill high-potential leadership roles that challenge them to grow further as innovators at Microsoft.

During and after graduation from the MACH program, participants often network with each other throughout the entire Microsoft community. These connections provide rewarding opportunities for future assignments and promotions throughout the world.

Are you ready to realize your potential with us?

Apply for open positions:
We welcome you to explore the open positions in Microsoft by discussing opportunities with your college recruiter or visiting our Global Student Center . We are a global company so feel free to explore opportunities with us in your country of interest.

Co-Op Intern Program

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Where will a Co-op Internship with Microsoft Canada take you?
To places you've never been before, but, most importantly, to a new level of experience. You'll have the opportunity to make a real difference at Microsoft in just a few months' time. You'll stretch your skills in new directions and take your talents to new heights. And you'll even get benefits!

Our opportunities
There are many roles open to students enrolled in College, University and Graduate Coop programs. Positions are available within Microsoft's many different lines of business. Some student positions include the following titles:

  • Marketing Assistant
  • Business Analyst
  • Corporate Communications Assistant
  • Sales Associate
  • Developer Platform Evangelism User Experience Team Assistant
  • Human Resources Training Coordinator
  • Human Resources Rewards & Recognition Coordinator
  • Technology Specialist Associate
  • Product Specialist

Shape the future of technology. We're building the next generation of cutting edge technologies. From mobile devices to business servers to better first-person shooters, Microsoft is revolutionizing the way people communicate, work, and play. If you are looking for a place to turn your ideas and ambition into innovative products, make it Microsoft. We hope you've had an opportunity to look around this site and discover some important facts about Microsoft Canada Co as a company and what it's like to work here. Your potential is our passion.

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