Meet Maria

Portrait of employee Maria.

General Manager, Microsoft Spain

As General Manager, how many people are in your organization?
As part of my job, I manage around 700 employees in the area.

Wow. So what are your top responsibilities?
I have four key objectives:
  • Increase the revenue of the subsidiary and the Spanish subsidiary responsibility margin.
  • Ensure that all our customers and partners are fully satisfied with our service and products.
  • Ensure we grow the number of PCs and servers where our systems are deployed.
  • Look after all Microsoft employees in the subsidiary and make sure they are well trained and can realize their potential throughout their careers.

In at nutshell, what is your role as General Manager?
Essentially, I am the Microsoft ambassador in Spain.

Outside of your key objectives, what are you trying to accomplish as ambassador?
I have to contact the press and politicians and make sure that everyone knows what we’re about.

What do you love most about your job?
The main thing I love about this job is that I get to see the technology in action. I go to schools and see how technology is improving learning techniques for students, I visit companies and see how much more productive they are with our software. I love that our technology can really help change people’s lives.

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