Meet Amos

Portrait of employee Amos.

Principal Consultant, Services and Support

What are you working on right now?
I’m figuring out how to integrate digital marketing technologies to help the NHS engage better with their patients. Soon patients will be able to make their appointments online, research different conditions, engage with peer groups, get involved in IM chats with doctors and consultants, and loads more besides.

What was your view of Microsoft before you joined?
I like technology but I thought all the really techie stuff would be done in either Redmond or China.

And were you right?
No! I soon discovered that there were plenty of opportunities to play with technology right here in the U.K.

What would you say the difference is between working here and other places?
Personal career development and work/life balance are the two most important things to everyone who works here.

So have you found your ‘balance’?
I’d say so. In my role I can structure it how I want to. I choose my customers, what I do, the technology I deal with, and where I spend my time. Of course I work hard—conference calls with the US often happen at midnight—but I definitively work around making sure I have time for my daughter.

As a blind man, how does Microsoft support you personally?
My blindness is just another challenge that everyone’s more than prepared to take on. In fact, once I needed to ask for help filling out my expenses manually. The response was typical—it’s not your fault, it’s ours for not making it easy for you.

What kind of person thrives in our corporate culture?
Someone who thrives in life.

And besides your little girl, what keeps you busy at the weekends?
Playing the guitar, piano, and listening to '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s, and New Age rock!

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