Meet Arif

Portrait of employee Arif.

Online Business Manager, SMSG Sales

What are you working on right now?
I’m working with the NHS (National Health Service) to help them make the most of their investment in Microsoft technology. We’ve created a website for NHS employees ( to discuss anything from using Microsoft software to innovations in IT within the NHS.

You must get out and about a lot then?
Oh yes. I visit a lot of hospitals, talk to customers, and understand their real issues. I think that’s where you really learn.

What’s your favourite Microsoft benefit?
Being from a technical background, it’s got to be testing pre-release software. We’re encouraged to run early beta software to test and feed back to the product group.

What’s different about working here for you?
Microsoft is almost a household brand. That makes it very exciting working here, but it also puts a big responsibility on us. I want everyone to have a great experience using our software. Visiting friends and family sometimes becomes one big support and Q&A session.

What have you learnt during your time at Microsoft?
I’ve been here 12 years and seen Microsoft U.K. grow from a few hundred employees to a few thousand. It’s actually taught me how a big corporation operates, almost like a practical MBA. I came from a very strong technical background and not in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I’d end up in marketing and now sales!

How does working here compare with your expectations of the company?
I always imagined Microsoft would be a bunch of developers, wearing shorts and eating junk food! It’s probably true in some areas, but the reality is that we need people with all sorts of skills, not just technical.

You’ve got your kids with you today. Do they like coming to dad’s work?
They love it. Free drinks, Xboxes, putting green, lake—who wouldn’t?

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