Meet Bella

Portrait of employee Bella.

International Sales Manager, Entertainment and Devices

What are you working on right now?
I’m closing out sales for fiscal 2009 strong and locking down sales strategy, forecast and quotas for fiscal 2010.

What's your favourite Microsoft benefit?
I love the business casual dress code. It enables me to express myself in my dress, plus work better, smarter and stronger.

What's different about working at Microsoft?
It has to be the people here. Someone who left MS said to me, "after working with the Thoroughbreds, it’s difficult to go back to the Hacks".

What have you learned while you've been here?
It’s equivalent to attaining a MBA several times over. My understanding of technology has grown enormously as well as my project management, sales, business development, communication, negotiations & presentation skills.

You’ve been with Microsoft for 17 years. What’s the training and development been like for you?
When I started you’d had to learn how to take a computer apart and put it back together!

What's the most exciting thing about working here?
I’d have to say it’s the ability to change jobs easily. In fact, I’ve recently come over from Redmond to start a new role here in London.

How supported were you to make the move to the UK from the US?
Very, very supported. From my move manager, to the school expert who found a nursery for my daughter, to the relocation person who found our house. The team were wonderful. (And patient!) When you have help house hunting, finding schools, fitting in the community and loads more—moving across continents suddenly becomes easy.

Has it been a culture shock?
The biggest! It’s been a tough 3 or 4 months getting to grips with things, but I’m there now. To anyone relocating I’d say, "do it in springtime"—that’s when you Brits seem to start coming out of your houses and having fun.

What kind of person do you think thrives here?
The only constant thing here is change, so you’ve got to be able to relish it. It’s a fast-paced culture and things move quickly—so hang on for the ride.

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