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Benefits play an important role in your choice of employer. At Microsoft, we believe work should be challenging, yet rewarding. It’s vital that we provide industry-leading benefits to all of our valued employees. Starting with a competitive salary, bonus, and stock award package, we continue to reward eligible employees based on their individual performance. However, the benefits don’t stop there. Here’s a snapshot of some of our unique offerings.

Health and Well-being

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From your start date, you and your dependents have the option of joining Quinn Healthcare, which is fully covered by Microsoft. In addition, you have the opportunity to purchase a healthcare cash plan (i.e., Individual or Family Health Care Cash Plan), covering a broad range of out-patient expenses.

In addition to our competitive compensation package and healthcare plan, we also offer all Microsoft employees alternative therapy programs at no cost to you. For instance, reflexology, aromatherapy massage/reiki, shiatsu and chair massage sessions are run at regular intervals within one of our occupational health rooms in all of our buildings. Furthermore, we offer information and help on a whole range of medical and health issues, including vaccinations with our on-site Occupational Health nurse.

And in order to support your health and comfort, a representative from our professional ergonomic service will gladly assist with furniture and equipment configurations within your work area.

Keep fit with Microsoft Ireland’s very own state-of-the-art, on-site gym. Situated in our newest building within the South County Business Park, it offers cardiovascular and cross-training equipment, with a wide range of fitness classes also available.

And when you need to take a break, we offer 25 days of holiday time as well as fully paid maternity and adoptive leave.

Investing and Planning for the Future

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At Microsoft, we believe all our employees should have the opportunity to receive Stock Awards. We want everyone to be an owner and share in the success of the company. As well as a once-off On-Hire Grant, Stock Awards will be granted annually based on performance. You will also have the opportunity to purchase Microsoft stock at a discounted price.

Looking to your future, Microsoft Ireland offers a defined contribution pension plan that gives you the freedom to choose between contribution options. For each of the options, Microsoft will match your contribution plus an additional 1% of salary. You also have the freedom to choose where and in what type of fund you want your pension invested.

Along with a solid future, we want all of our employees to have peace of mind. All employees are automatically included in our disability and death insurance benefits as soon as they join the company.

Convenience and Flexibility

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Would a dry cleaning service at work make your life easier? How about on-site cash machines or shopping facilities? Microsoft offers a flexible working environment by bending the time, and not the rules! We understand the importance of taking care of personal matters while you look to balance your day. Our people have varied backgrounds, interests, lives, and commitments, so in order for us to help our employees reach their full potential, we must offer more than one flexible working solution. From a choice between flexible or part-time hours, working from home or in the office, or taking on a job-sharing scenario, we’ve got you covered—at Microsoft, we have the technology, freedom, and options to keep you in the loop, no matter where you are. From providing Tax Saver Commuter tickets to free on-site parking to a generous relocation package, we are here to help you settle into your new job, no matter how far the ‘commute’.

Fantastic Facilities

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From great coffee shops that serve Starbucks, and subsidised cafeterias where you can hang out and swap ideas, to chill-out zones that help you relax and free your mind for the next brainwave, we have it all.

Want to take a break and play Xbox?

Giving Back

We love giving to our communities and to causes that our employees care most about. Our ‘Software Matching Gifts Program’ is designed to help Microsoft employees support their local schools, colleges, and universities. Whatever software you donate, up to a particular limit, we’ll be happy to match it. Furthermore, we fully support your desire to contribute your time through the ‘Employee Volunteering Program’, with an opportunity for you to devote three working days per annum to make a difference in your community!

Learning and Development

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Don’t be afraid to stay sharp. In fact, we encourage it! Take advantage of our educational assistance program where Microsoft will provide financial support for business related course fees. You pass, we pay! And you can always engage in any of our numerous internal training programs to keep your skills finely honed.
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