Our Businesses

Our businesses, your opportunities

Our company is organized into major business areas serving customers ranging from consumers to corporations, from gamers to governments. Individual but connected, each business is responsible for its own profits and losses while also contributing to each other’s success. 

What this means for you is opportunity—to experience a variety of jobs, technologies, and geographies. To meet and learn from interesting and talented people. To make an impact by working on things that make a real difference in millions, even billions, of people’s lives.

…All within one company.

Our Business Groups

Advanced Strategy and Research
The Advanced Strategy and Research group focuses on research, trustworthy computing, the intersection of technology and policy, and our cross-company view of key new technology trends. Teams include Microsoft Research, Trustworthy Computing Group, Technology Policy Group, Startup Business Group, and the Strategic Software and Silicon Architectures Team.
Advertising and Strategy
The Advertising and Strategy group partners with the Marketing group and acts as a multidisciplinary specialty team that oversees a range of projects involving advertising, strategy, media, compete, research, brand, data, and analytics.
Applications and Services
The Applications and Services group leads broad applications and services—core technologies in productivity, communication, search, and other information categories. Here you'll find the research and development teams across Microsoft Office, Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, Yammer, Lync, Skype, SkyDrive, Bing, Bing Apps, MSN, and the Advertising platforms and business group.
Business Development and Evangelism
The Business Development and Evangelism group builds the company's relationships with key OEMs, strategic innovation partners, independent software vendors, and developers. This group includes Developer & Platform Evangelism, Corporate Strategy, and business development teams.
Cloud and Enterprise
The Cloud and Enterprise group builds and powers the company's computing platforms, developer tools, and cloud services, including the Cloud OS, Microsoft's next-generation back-end platform. Teams include Visual Studio, SQL Server, Windows Azure, Windows Server, System Center, Windows Intune, and the physical data centers.
The Microsoft Devices Group is responsible for development, manufacturing and supply chain management for Microsoft’s entire family of first party devices. Personal devices spanning tablets, smart phones, feature phones and wearables to large screen devices like Xbox and Perceptive Pixel are all created by the worldwide teams within the Microsoft Devices Group. With leading brands including Surface, Xbox, and Nokia the Microsoft Devices Group partners with the rest of Microsoft to bring high value scenarios to life for billions of customers around the world.
The worldwide Finance organization includes teams for acquisitions, treasury activities, tax planning, accounting and reporting, internal auditing, and investor relations.
Human Resources
The Human Resources group is responsible for global staffing, compensation, benefits, organizational development, diversity, and workplace culture.
Legal and Corporate Affairs
The Legal and Corporate Affairs group oversees the company's intellectual property portfolio, patent licensing business, and government affairs, public policy, corporate citizenship, and philanthropic work.
The Marketing group reaches and engages consumers, businesses, and employees globally and is a single, unified group across products, services, and devices. The group is home to centralized and connected advertising, brand, communications, and media teams.
Microsoft Business Solutions
The Microsoft Business Solutions group focuses on development, sales, marketing, and operations for Microsoft Dynamics, a portfolio of business tools that includes Dynamics CRM and Dynamics ERP.
Operating Systems
The Operating Systems group leads the strategy and development of operating systems across consoles, mobile devices, PCs, and back-end systems. This team builds the platform and experience showcased in Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox devices. It also includes core cloud services for the operating system.
Sales, Marketing, and Services Group (SMSG)
SMSG delivers our family of devices and services to customers and partners all over the world. It includes worldwide sales, field marketing, services, support, IT, licensing, commercial operations, and Microsoft Stores teams.