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Recruitment Fraud Awareness
April 9, 2014 -

We want to make you aware of some incidents whereby certain organizations or individuals, claiming to act on behalf of Microsoft India’s companies have contacted potential job seekers or candidates and made false offers or promises of employment with Microsoft India companies. These false offers or promises of employment can also involve requests to the potential job seekers or candidates for payment of money against ‘fees’ on account of placement fee, application fee, caution deposit, etc.

Please note that Microsoft (including any authorized agencies or firms that conduct recruitment on its behalf) do not, under any circumstances, require money or payment from applicants during the recruitment process. Any such false job or employment related communications, whether requiring payment of money or not, that appear to originate from Microsoft are unauthorized and fraudulent in nature. These could originate from fictitious or misleading email addresses, websites, portals or online social or professional networking sites. Such false or fraudulent communications may also be printed on forged Microsoft letterheads and stationery, refer to Microsoft’s office address or be copied to a Microsoft email id. You are advised not to respond to such fraudulent and unauthorized communications or offers from such persons. You are also advised to notify any such incidents to Microsoft at If you are the victim of such fraudulent offers or promises of employment, please report it and file a complaint with the relevant police authorities. Microsoft will provide all reasonable cooperation, as required by you or the police authorities, in pursuance of your complaint

Global Technical Support Center

Watch Vikrant share his experience.
Watch Vikrant share his experience.
Watch Vikrant share his experience.
Get to play with technology and be an expert.
Get to play with technology and be an expert of experts.
Get to play with technology and be an expert.
Video - Employee experience
Employee experience
Video - Employee experience

Welcome to India GTSC

The Microsoft India Global Technical Support Centre (IGTSC) is based in Bangalore and was established in October 2003. The centre is an integral part of Microsoft's Customer Service and Support (CSS) organization, which has a presence in the Americas, EMEA, APAC and Greater China.

Microsoft India GTSC provides technical resolution services to Microsoft's English-speaking Enterprise customers and partners across geographies. It is a final point of resolution for enterprises that leverage Microsoft technologies in their global networks. The centre works towards helping enterprises optimize their IT investments and keep their businesses productive around the clock. 

Its operations span across five different product groups such as :
  • Developer Products
  • Enterprise Platforms
  • Enterprise Office System
  • Enterprise Communication
  • Global partner Services

The centre is equipped with state of the art labs and infrastructure that ensure the engineers have all the necessary tools and systems to manage customer scenarios effectively.

There is a strong focus on people, skills and technology to ensure we provide timely inputs when enterprises approach us. Every engineer has deep product expertise in their speciality, they constantly work on upgrading their skills to be a step ahead of the market and this is enabled by ongoing training and certifications.

Technical support is a critical component of engagement with enterprises and each day brings in new challenges and scenarios. There is a strong link between the teams in Technical Support and the Product groups so the voice of the customer is translated effectively.

Learn more about the India GTSC business.

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Meet Ayan
Picture of Microsoft Employee
Lead Partner Consultant, India GTSC
"I have never found such a nice work culture, with so much freedom and yet so much professionalism. During my tenure of over 5 years at India GTSC, my learning has been immense, both from my managers as well as my colleagues – I have grown professionally in all aspects during this period. I have also honed my technical skills here and got a chance to elevate them to the next level, with ample exposure to understand the operations, people dynamics, vision of the business et al. I have learnt a lot and am still learning with every passing day."

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Meet Priyank
Picture of Microsoft Employee
Support Engineer, India GTSC
"This is the only place across the globe that can fulfill all your dreams when it comes to technology. Microsoft has so much to offer that you will always be engaged in different activities. The best part about working here is that you face new challenges every day, which keeps the excitement level high. It never gets monotonous as no two days are the same. The work culture is amazing and everyone is easily approachable."