We care about our people

At Microsoft, helping people to realize their potential is a real passion. Microsoft invests continuously to provide employees the opportunity to optimally combine work and private life. People are the key to our success. That why our goal is to offer the best chances for any kind of requirement.

Benefits play an important role in choosing an employer. We believe that work should be challenging, but at the same time appropriately paid and that is why reward our employees with competitive salaries and a package of important Benefits.

Flexible Working

Man at laptop.
At Microsoft Italy, we promote flex time and offer Work from Home  opportunities as a form of regular performance of work, thanks to information technology provisions to all employees. In order to meet employees’ needs, we provide tools that support different ways of working and helping staff to balance career and private life. In line with the goal of constant improvement of our approach, we launched a series of activities into the EMEA region. For example, part-time contracts allows employees to balance work and private life, while providing for the reintegration of a parent after an agreed period of time. This can lead to a part-time role after a period of maternity or parental leave. Job-sharing contracts provide the possibility to share duties and responsibilities of a single full-time position between two employees. Both of these policies are implemented in the entire geographical area, offering the same opportunities to all employees in compliance with local regulations. Microsoft offers all of its employees chance to  manage their time and space to suit their individual needs, while respecting the achievement of business objectives. To that end, we offer employees a chance to Work from Home, after evaluation of the compatibility with the job and with the placement organization.

Social security and health: Depending on local conditions, each Microsoft subsidiary offers specific services and benefits support.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP): Thanks to the ESPP program, employees have the opportunity to purchase Microsoft stock with a 10% discount on market value.

Microsoft Employees can purchase Microsoft products at special prices.

Worldwide Emergency Assistance Program (WEAP): Microsoft is aware of the possibility that when emergency situations arise and trips are involved, immediate attention is required. The program WEAP offers assistance 24 hours, seven days a week.

Premium shares: Each year you can get bonuses in shares with a vesting period of five years. In the course of each vesting period, the employee shall receive Microsoft common shares that are completely proprietary.

Shares in recruitment package: Depending on the position held, the package may include recruitment actions.

Fantastic Facilities

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Competitive Salary: Salaries are defined and based on local standards and are subject to periodic adaptations. 

The individual merits are always recognized: Bonuses are based and bound to the performance and to the achievement of the objectives.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP): Thanks to the ESPP program, the employees have the possibility to purchase Microsoft stock with a 10% discount on the market value.

Business car (based on the role)

Discounts on Microsoft software: The employees can purchase software at special prices.

Healthcare: Every Microsoft employee is offered specific services and advantages, including: H23 insurance for Life, Medical and Accidents. 

All the subordinate on time full Microsoft can make use of numerous advantages:
  • A dynamic business culture.
  • Continuous innovation.
  • Working with the most technologies.
  • Competent personnel and compatible team.
  • Proven leadership to collaborate on business success.
  • Scholarships for the children of the employees.

Work/Life Balance

  • Onsite nursery.
  • ATM transfer.
  • Annual Christmas Event for the family.
  • Agreements with shops, gyms and banks for the provision of services or products at low prices and special conditions.
  • Special prizes for the children of employees with excellent academic achievements.
  • Monthly visits by external consultants to assist banking and accounting.
  • ADSL connection at home.
  • Free soft drinks in the office.
  • Fitness.
  • Free shuttle service for offices.