Mexico Student and Graduate Programs

Image of Microsoft employee.

Your opportunities

The program currently considers 16 positions for different career paths in separate business units; 14 are fulltime positions for students in their graduating semester or recently graduated students; and 2 are part-time positions for students in earlier semesters. Both are paid internships.

What’s the profile that we’re looking for?
We are looking for individuals studying degrees in:
  • Computer Science or similar (Information Technology Management, Computer Information Systems, etc.)
  • Marketing
  • Business Administration
  • Communication Studies
  • Psychology
  • Economics

Our first day as members of the first Internship@Microsoft
“We began our experience as members of the internship the 23 of November, 2009; we all arrived full of expectations and curious to begin our first day as Microsoft trainees. The HR team welcomed us with a message from the director and a Windows 7 bag full of gifts. That was our first surprise of the day. We had a tour around the building and then participated to our first introduction class where we had our first encounter with the Microsoft culture, where we learned about the core values of the company, its organization, the different areas, etc. That was the first chance we had to interact as a generation since we implemented, as a group, topics we had talked about. Finally, a very important moment for us arrived: meeting our managers and getting to know each other and sharing our experiences and expectations. The day finalized with a meeting with our mentors, who explained to us that their function consisted of being guides and support for us through our time at Microsoft. That day meant a complete, fun and rich initiation for all of us; it was the beginning of this wonderful experience.” Viviana Verdín - HR - Learning & Development Trainee

Testimonials of members of the first generation
 “My experience as member of the Internship 2.0 at Microsoft has been gratifying since the beginning. I’ve been able to apply my knowledge and even better, learn more. Also, being surrounded by so many different people has made me learn about various professional profiles and fuse certain characteristics to enrich mine. In Microsoft, they’re very interested in individual growth and they offer you every tool you need for that to happen. You acquire true experience because they trust you and give you responsibilities like any other employee. All of this in a good work atmosphere with an authentic open-door philosophy and workmates willing to share knowledge and experience.” Omar Aldava - MCS - Infrastructure Consultant Trainee

 “Only two weeks in and I had already been invited to a training seminar with industry CIO’s; that’s the kind of opportunities I’ve had in Microsoft. Each day is a unique experience, a constant challenge. The experience I’ve had is global, which give me vision and opens many doors to me. The Microsoft “feedback” culture pushes me to work harder, getting better and better every day. My development has been my responsibility but Microsoft has given me the tools to build my career plan and has also given me support to grow professionally and as a person.” Daniela Linares - BMO Trainee