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Microsoft Development Center Norway
Microsoft Development Center Norway (MDCN)
Life is never dull here.
Microsoft Development Center Norway
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Microsoft Development Center Norway (MDCN)

Our technologies
Everyone uses search – from the non-technical small-business owner who is managing a public website hosted in the cloud, to a technical administrator deploying and maintaining a company enterprise search portal.  In MDCN, we deliver the technology to help people benefit from the power of search—across multiple solutions and scenarios, for things like: e-mail, e-discovery, BI and analytics, web content management and internet business. From interactive query boxes using natural language and advanced analytics, to modern apps powered by advanced insights and machine learning, we are developing search solutions to help people get work done faster by connecting with colleagues, content, and conversations across the Office 365 suite.

Microsoft’s Development Center in Norway (MDCN) has 230 software developers. The team is in charge of driving information access, transforming Microsoft Office to an intelligent fabric with Big Data / Machine learning techniques and developing a new breed of collaboration and productivity experiences based on these assets. Microsoft Office is the hero product suite for commercial/enterprise offerings. MDCN has pioneered new Big Data services and intelligence powered experiences that currently influence the direction for the broader efforts across R&D in Microsoft.

What we deliver is an integral part of modern Office in the cloud. Search technology is changing the way people work every day. This is an exciting time, and an exciting place to be!

Where are we located?
We are over 200 engineers spread out over 3 cities in Norway. Our headquarter is located centrally in downtown Oslo. The other offices are in Tromsø and Trondheim.

What’s it like to work at MDCN?
MDCN is forward-learning development environment. Our offices are new and modern. Our teams are social. We have fun at work and make use of our interactive games and hang out areas. We have a great canteen where we enjoy warm and cold dishes from all over the world. Our social committee arranges fun and inclusive sporting activities and cultural events. We value diversity and have over 30 nationalities represented.

Life in Norway is cool (literally!). But the capital city, Oslo has an energy of its own which is positive and international. The city and surrounding area has ca. 600,000 inhabitants. It is a manageable and family-friendly environment.  And, if you like being outdoors—Norway is a great place to be no matter where you are. We are proud of our beautiful fjords and mountains and boast world class hiking, climbing, and skiing!

Sound interesting?
We welcome applicants from all over the world. The interview process includes technical screening, online interviews, and in-person meetings.  International candidates who are offered positions receive relocation assistance.

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