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No matter where you're from, your future might be here with us. You have many opportunities to make a promising career with us at Microsoft Norway.

MACH Trainee at Microsoft Norge

At Microsoft, we know deciding where to start your career can be as nerve-wracking as it is exciting. Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want to do. Maybe you don’t even have a technology background. The good thing is, at Microsoft, you have lots of options.

Our Trainee Program, MACH (Microsoft Academy for Collage Hires), is an excellent place to start your journey. Microsoft will provide you with the best conditions to develop as a professional. Unlike in other programs, you will immediately be hired into a full-time position in an area that suits your qualifications and interests. With close to 2,000 MACH employees in over 60 countries around the world, you will get exposure to a global network of peers, the support to transition successfully from school to the professional environment, world class training to help you start strong professionally, and the tools to help you drive your long term career goals. Our Trainee Program is a two-year program, a perfect way to start your career. We promise you will be excited about the resources available for you. Every single career at Microsoft incorporates long-term learning, career and personal development, and a world of opportunities.

The MACH Program

  • The MACH Program continues for two years
  • The first year is focused on training, peer mentoring, and other on-boarding activities, while the second year is focused on career development and global networking
  • At the end of the program, MACH employees join the MACH Alumni community
  • Ability to author test plans and cases, conduct security and stress tests, and debug at source level after identifying, investigating, and prioritizing bugs
  • You will be part of MACH business, for sales and marketing positions, or MACH Technology, for consultancy and tech support in our department Services

At Microsoft, we look for highly energetic people with initiative and drive. We strive to find passionate, creative individuals with the ability to think laterally. For MACH, we look for candidates within sales, marketing, tech sales, and services. If you are interested in technical roles such as core tech, developer, or deep IT, these opportunities are available at our Development Center.

If you are interested to see what the everyday life of a MACH is, be sure to follow the MACH blog:

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Microsoft Development Center Norway

Internship at Microsoft Development Center Norway
As an Intern at Microsoft, you’ll have real responsibility, real work, and real opportunities to jumpstart your career. It’s an experience you’ll never find in a classroom. You’ll be given manageable assignments that you can complete while you’re here, and your efforts will likely take shape in Microsoft products—or be used by Microsoft teams—long after you return to school.

We open up for applications in November. Between November and January applications’ are received and screened. Interviews starts in February and offers are given by end of February and March. The interviews will either be conducted through Lync/Skype (for international candidates) and for candidates located in Norway we will invite you to one of our offices in Norway (Oslo, Trondheim or Tromsø). All candidates will have three interviews each – all in one day.

We look for students pursuing a M.S. or Ph.D. degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or other related field. Your ability to solve complex problems is much value. It is also an advantage if you are able to derive creative and innovative solutions by thinking "outside the box". Expertise in feature definition, design, and feasibility will make you better equipped to succeed in the role.

The internship is paid. It starts 1st June and ends end of August depending on when autumn semester starts as it varies from university to university locally and internationally. MDCN offers Internships in Oslo, Trondheim and Tromsø office.

How can I apply for Internship at MDCN?
In November we will open up for Intern applications on our career site. See: “Interns at Microsoft Development Center Norway Summer 2015”. The application period is between November till February.

All applications must be submitted online.

Can an Internship lead to full-time opportunities once I graduate?
Yes, the Internship will give you an opportunity to explore what it is like working in MDCN as a fulltime employee. After the Internship period we evaluate and select candidates and then extend offers for fulltime positions with start date the following autumn (after graduation).

Graduate Hire at Microsoft Development Center Norway

MDCN hires a number of Graduates every year (Master and PhDs). The process of hiring graduates is on-going throughout the year and it is a separate process from the Internship cycle. All positions are posted on our MDCN Career site (Jobs in Norway). All applications must be submitted online.

Microsoft University

Do you want to kick start your career? Do you want to work with Microsoft Technology at some of our most exciting partners? Then Microsoft University is for you.

Microsoft University is a developmental program run by Microsoft for Microsoft’s partners in Norway. The program was started as a response to the lack of competency and workforce in a continuously expanding market, and consists of an intensive course (about six weeks) where you get training and certifications while being paid full-time. After completion, you start working at a leading Microsoft partner. With Microsoft University, you won’t only get a job in a dynamic industry in constant change, but you will also get unique competence that will be attractive for many years ahead. If you are a graduate student, and are hungry for a career in the IT-industry, Microsoft University could be YOUR chance at getting the dream job.

Microsoft University is open for applications October 1st¸ with a deadline on February 28th.

For more info on Microsoft University, on how to apply, and on what partners you could work for, go to

Any questions? Contact Carine Blyverket: