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Cloud OS

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It’s a new day in IT. There are more apps, more devices, and now, more data than ever—all driven by the rise of cloud computing and the use of cloud services. With these technologies playing an ever present role in businesses, how can IT drive more efficiency and deliver new forms of value? Microsoft’s answer is the Cloud OS.


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Cloud computing changes everything. It changes the way the teams managing applications think about their applications and the underlying infrastructure where their applications are hosted. Private and Public cloud computing invigorates this revolution and Windows Server and System Center are revolutionizing this trend.

Big Data and Analytics

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SQL Server 2012 is a cloud-ready information platform designed for organizations looking to efficiently protect, unlock and scale the power of their data across the desktop, device, datacenter and private or public cloud.

Developer Tools

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Developer Tools are a comprehensive collection of tools and services like Visual Studio, that enable developers to create a wide variety of apps, both for the Microsoft platform and beyond.


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Global Foundation Services is the engine that powers Microsoft's cloud services. We focus on smart growth, high reliability, operational excellence, cost-effectiveness, environmental sustainability, and a trustworthy online experience for customers and partners worldwide.

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We are the thought leaders looking to advance the future of computing with Cloud and Enterprise Engineering.