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Learn more about using your Microsoft Careers account to sign in and apply for jobs.

Can I link different Microsoft Careers accounts (Microsoft, LinkedIn, Google, etc.)?

At this time , the various methods of signing in are not linked. However, for Microsoft Careers accounts that use the same email address—assets such as resumes, job alerts, apply history etc. are merged on sign-in or update. So, if you applied using LinkedIn with a different email address than your Google account, you will not see your collective apply history. If you use the same email address across authentication choices, your history will carry over. Please note that only 3 resumes and 5 job alerts may be stored—in this case, only the most recent resumes and job alerts will be saved.

How do I add cover letters and/or attachments?

Because of the volume of resumes we receive each day and the tools used to identify candidates, there is no option for you to submit a cover letter for a particular position.

When a position opens, a recruiter queries the database for applicants who have applied to the position or for resumes that best match the position requirements. If a recruiter finds a match with your resume, he or she would contact you directly to conduct a phone interview. Please make sure that all relevant experience is in your resume!

How do I remove my Microsoft Careers account?

The ability to completely delete your Microsoft Careers account manually is not currently part of the Microsoft Careers site experience. You may remove resumes, job alerts and information yourself. To delete your entire account and associated assets contact support.

What does job watch list do?

The job watch list stores positions you select, allowing you to review them all in one location. Once you sign in to your account, from the job watch list you can submit your resume for up to five positions per day and save the contents of your watch list for later reference.

You don’t need to sign in to save jobs to your watch list during your current session. However, if you haven’t signed in, the watch list information is not retained after you leave the site.