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Principal Software Development Engineer

Do you thrive on working on the cutting edge?   Working with innovators in the early stages of ideas, products, or platforms?   Thrive not only in Microsoft software and services, but also in Open Source (OSS), for both short and longer-term projects?   Then the Partner Catalyst Team would be a great place to leverage and grow those skills while working on fascinating, “epic”, projects.

In the Developer Experience group (DX), we are a dynamic team chartered to work on early stage technology projects with emerging and established industry leaders, ranging from startups to the public sector to Fortune 100 companies.   By partnering to build game-changing experiences with emerging technologies, our team builds novel solutions that materially impact the success of the businesses we partner with.   We then generalize the solution we built, and share it with the world as OSS, with the aspiration of paving a path for others to follow, and demonstrating that Microsoft is full of great partners, innovators, and OSS contributors.  

One of the most exciting – and sometimes unexpected – aspects of our team is that we work with a full range of technologies.   Of course, there’s Azure, Windows, and Hololens; but we meet partners where they are, so Javascript, Node.js, iOS, Android, React, Spark, Flink, Kafka, and Git are just a few of the tools and technologies that our team uses every day.   And because focusing on new and emerging technologies is part of our charter, we have many opportunities to create new tools and technologies for others to build on ( is one example, summarizes others).   Our goal is to showcase how emerging technologies can work together to provide easy to use and highly scalable solutions: how Internet of Things devices come together to be more than a sum of their parts; how data science and machine learning can shed new light on complex problems, how NUI technology, from Kinect to speech recognition, can unlock magical experiences for customers; or how new devices like HoloLens can expand the realm of what’s possible, and help people envision the future of their business.

Storytelling is an equally big focus for our team.   We tell the story of our projects and code via blog posts, white papers, videos, social media, and speaking at developer conferences – our projects aren’t over until we’ve shown other developers how they can build on what we’ve learned. With teams based in London, Finland, Israel, Silicon Valley, Boston, New York and Redmond, we strive to share our experience and knowledge with developers everywhere, contributing and enriching the worldwide developer community.

This candidate will be responsible for:

•      Leading the engagement and execution of development projects with communities, customers, and partners.

•      Developing software to unlock new technical and business opportunities for communities, customers and partners.

•      Identifying opportunities and paving the way (with architecture and code) for partners to be successful on Microsoft platforms.

•      Sharing expertise with, and providing leadership to, customers, partners, and communities worldwide.

•      Engaging with Microsoft’s product team engineers to provide feedback and influence product roadmap and direction.

•      Driving new ways of thinking across groups within the division to improve quality, engineering productivity, and responsiveness to feedback and changing priorities.

•      Developing deep relationships with open source communities, startups and enterprises with high impact on Microsoft’s platform business.

The ideal candidate will have:

•      Demonstrated deep technical development expertise and solid engineering fundamentals.

•      Demonstrated engineering and architectural leadership on projects ranging in scope and focus

•      Minimum 7 years of experience as a software engineer.

•      Hands-on coding experience with open source platforms like node.js, Ruby on Rails, the JVM ecosystem, the Hadoop ecosystem, data platforms like Postgres, MongoDB, and Cassandra, machine learning, IoT, and/or messaging platforms like Apache Kafka.

•      A deep understanding of cloud computing technologies and emerging trends with deep relevant experience with one of the public cloud vendors.

•      Existing relationships within open source communities and a deep understanding of how to interact with, and contribute to, these communities.

•      Active presence and a good reach in relevant tech communities and social media (GitHub, StackOverflow, Twitter, etc.)

•      Great communication, presentation skills, and interpersonal skills.

•      Demonstrated ability to work independently with high impact results.

•      Excellent collaboration and coaching skills.

•      Ability to serve as technical lead on complex projects – this will require accountability of architecture and engineering practices in the projects.

•      Exceptional decision making skills, conflict resolution, and follow through.

Microsoft is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, national origin, marital status, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information, or any other protected status.


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