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Senior Designer

The Microsoft Holographic Studios work closely with the incubation group that recently announced the world’s first holographic computer – Microsoft HoloLens. Together we believe that the Microsoft HoloLens and related technologies are going to change the way we as users think about computing. Our Holographic Studios are multidisciplinary teams of creative and technology professionals that want to empower our customers to envision the possibilities of this technology and build the experiences of the future.

Our team works in tight collaboration with external consumer, enterprise, and commercial partners, crafting innovative solutions that leverage both the power of the HoloLens and the deep domain expertise of our many customers. We brainstorm exciting and ground-breaking experiences and quickly build working prototypes on top of developing tech. We transform our ideas into reality through shipping first-to-market products.

Our aspirations are simple:

• We want to improve people’s lives.

• Delight our customers, and help discover and ship new experiences that positively impact the world.

Excited yet? Fantastic! We currently need exceptional candidates to help us achieve our goals.

We are seeking a Creative Director to lead a multi-discipline team in the creation of transformative consumer and enterprise experiences and applications. You will be responsible for delivering on the vision for the team as a franchise and experience leader, working with internal and external creatives, developers and partners. You will be on the front lines of emerging technologies and experiences with business-critical partners.

A visual problem-solver with both quick, low-fi visualization skills and great attention to polish and detail, you are flexible across multiple visual styles, intuitively understanding the fundamentals of art and design through all phases of development, from concept through prototype and final assets. Ultimately, this person is the standard bearer for the studio’s artistic quality, leading our projects and peers into the next generations of interactive entertainment.

Core Responsibilities

• Thought Leadership – Be at the heart of pioneering quality software experiences, working closely with advanced technology and high profile IP. Explore and innovate new experiences, features, and tools. Leads by example.

• Artistic Leadership – Define, own, deliver and be responsible for the studio’s artistic goals, quality and vision. Own design goals, product design, creative briefs, feature specifications, level/world layout, tuning, ideation, prototyping, prioritization, and tradeoffs. Ability to manage artists across multiple specialties and experience levels. Comfortable working in a range of artistic styles. Create and maintain ‘Art best practices’ documentation.

•Production Leadership – Lead and collaborate with design, art, engineering, and partner teams to deliver consumer products, new experiences, features, and tools. Shape and drive product vision, UX, tone, look & feel, assets, functionality. Experience and confidence with how to adapt the best visual design process to the changing practical demands of multiple production deadlines.

• Hire – Select, lead and mentor the best artists at all levels, in the industry.

• Collaborate - Lead, advise, direct, and facilitate internal and external teams in development of interactive experiences, partnering with the senior leadership of the HoloLens team. Contribute to task & dependency analysis, scheduling, and risk mitigation plans.

• Build & maintain – Effective collaborative relationships with both internal artists and external art production partners, consistently raising the quality bar for our experiences.

• Cross-discipline - Problem-solving attitude, collaboration with the team’s Designers, Engineers and Producers. Consult on a regular basis with leadership to align expectations and deliverables.

• Communicate – Excellent communication, presentation, & negotiation skills, both verbal & written.

• Represent – Active representation of the team at client meetings and industry events where required.

Essential Qualifications

• Demonstrated management and leadership of design and multi-discipline teams.

• Proven expertise in design and end-to-end content & authoring tools and pipelines, supporting cross-device shared & unique experiences.

• Proven digital product design and iteration in formalized development framework, including ideation, pre-production and final production.

• Passion for building intuitive, engaging, entertainment and enterprise experiences.

• Prior work exploring and innovating new IP, genres, and product experiences.

• Strong written and verbal communication skills.

• Self-motivated and drive for excellence.

• An open-minded approach to development strategy and implementation.

• A strong track record of software design experience.

• Thorough understanding of all aspects of game development process, from design methodology to craftsmanship and production.

• Mastery and understanding of 2D & 3D art and animation packages, in addition to comfort in at least one industry standard game engine.

• Actively seeks out, accepts and provides feedback from peers.

Desired Qualifications

• Natural User Interface and Motion game development experience

• Utilized telemetry, analytics, and hosted services in products and services

• Developed modular designs to support dynamic functionality, features, and content

• Ability to pitch and land new approaches and ideas

• Experience with Xbox or Windows compliance and certification process

Microsoft is an equal opportunity employer and supports workforce diversity. All applications for vacant positions will be welcomed and will be considered on the relative merits of the applicant against the role profile for the position regardless of color, race, nationality, ethnic origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, parental responsibilities, age, religion, or belief.

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