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The cloud is at the heart of businesses’ digital transformation, and of Microsoft’s strategy and growth. The foundation of Microsoft Cloud is Azure – our global, trusted, hybrid cloud for the enterprises of today and tomorrow. When people think of cloud, they usually think of storing photos on the Web, streaming music, or checking e-mail on the go. But innovations like smarter cities, smart cars, robotics and more are being powered by the cloud. The efficiency and cost-savings of the cloud is the primary enabler to democratizing once-elite technological concepts like Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things.

With new, easily accessed AI and IoT solutions, enterprises can speed healthcare research to find cures, deliver energy savings for a resource-strapped world, and improve safety by connecting things like healthcare research, thermostats and water meters, even cars, to the cloud. Microsoft’s Azure is where the data from all these connected devices is going to get crunched into usable, actionable information that can be applied to improve how we do things that matter to all of us.