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We are in the midst of a revolution. Businesses are transforming themselves and entire industries are being reinvented in ways we never imagined with new revenue models, new customer service models, and new ways of providing operational efficiency through IoT (Internet of Things). Companies that embrace emerging technology as a vehicle to transform their business present new opportunities to grow their bottom line. Yet to deliver on this promise, IoT must be as much about connecting the assets a business or consumer uses from day to day as the data those devices generate and the opportunity for insights and actions that provides. There is a golden opportunity waiting to be harnessed by most enterprises in the data and patterns they are already generating.

Microsoft offers the ability to turn these patterns into intelligent action through our Cortana Intelligence and "Dynamics 365 for Connected Field Service offerings. Using advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities, businesses can not only analyze what has happened in the past but also predict what will happen next. This gives companies prescriptive recommendations that simplify decision making – even when dealing with complex problems that involve multiple variables and real-time changes – and ultimately enables automation so that a business can remotely monitor, troubleshoot, and resolve issues without any human intervention. We deliver deeper business intelligence by natively embedding Power BI and Cortana Intelligence to help companies achieve their business goals with predictive insights, prescriptive advice, and actionable next steps. Azure IoT brings device data to enable preemptive action to business functions like field service and introduces an adaptable platform with the new common data model and extensible business application platform to enable organizations to transform at the speed of business to meet market demands and innovate in real-time.