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Microsoft’s success is founded in our strong engineering teams, principles, and practices. With Microsoft Office working in the cloud and across platforms (desktop and mobile devices), having a talented, forward-thinking engineering group is more important than ever. We want engineers who are eager to tackle challenging problems and provide creative solutions at scale. Join Office engineering to help people and businesses get more done.

Engineering jobs

Information Technology

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As Office increases its presence in the cloud, the IT side of the company becomes increasingly more important for keeping our businesses thriving. Our Office IT team manages pivotal business and technical infrastructure across the company (infrastructure that we are expanding at record pace). If you love taking on new technological challenges on a global scale and want to make Office users' lives easier, this is the place to be.

IT jobs

Program Management

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Program management in Office drives the conceptual and technical development of product initiatives from beginning to end. We research customer trends and collaborate with cross-functional teams to build a technical roadmap that will allow us to deliver world-class products and services. If you have passion to help Office build its next evolution of products, apply today.

Program Management jobs

User Experience

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The Office User Experience team is an integral part of making our features stick. We work side-by-side with product managers, engineers, and the quality assurance team from beginning to end to produce great products. Our user experience team puts customers first and ensures that all consumer experiences are as intuitive and elegant as possible.

User Experience jobs