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Software Development Engineers

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Software Development Engineers write the code—C, C++, C#, and other languages—that turns concepts into new technologies. We are experts in feature design and feasibility. We collaborate with program managers and test engineers to define features and ensure quality. We work in small Scrum-based product teams to shorten the time from ideas to shipping amazing code. We enjoy an environment that enables growth and performance: tools, practices, training and continued investment.

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Software Development Engineers in Test

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Software Development Engineers in Test “build it to break it.” We push products to their limit, making sure they perform to customer expectations and conform to the highest quality standards. In partnership with developers and program managers, and using C, C++, C#, and VB.NET, we write test cases and plan, design, develop, and maintain automation tools that isolate and debug problems.

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Program Managers

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Program Managers transform visions into elegant designs that ultimately turn into products and solutions. Or, put more simply, we anticipate what customers want and translate that into what they get. Working closely with development, test, user experience and marketing professionals, we identify requirements, set priorities, manage feature sets across product lifecycles and author technical specifications and customer scenarios.

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User Experience (Design)

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User Experience (UX) is where product development visions meet real customer demand. Our researchers and designers develop the interactions that improve user experiences. Through innovative research and inspirational design, we shape new product directions and refine already-popular products to make them even more useful to customers and successful for Microsoft.

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Service Engineering

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Service Engineers work in partnership with SDEs, SDETs and program managers (typically early in the development process) to design, operate, grow and improve large-scale, computer-based services offered to external customers. Our technical skills are on par with our Development, Test, and Program Management counterparts, collaborating across the engineering team to deliver high-performance manageable services.

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We’re always on the lookout for the next generation of engineering stars. Come create the future and elevate your skills working on both real-world products and experimental ones alongside some of the best minds in the industry. If you’re currently pursuing a B.S., M.S. or Ph.D. degree in Engineering, Computer Science or related field then you are eligible to apply for our internships. By applying you’ll be considered across all our locations, and if suitable opportunities come up, we’ll be sure to get in touch.

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