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Gergely (London)

Photo of Microsoft employee Gergely

I'm a software development engineer on the Skype for Xbox One team. I mostly work on the user interface of the application, interacting with a lot of product managers and designers to plan the look and feel of a feature and working closely with the test team to code and test the feature before shipping. I'm passionate about building products with high impact, and there are few products that impact people more than Skype.

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Wesley (Palo Alto)

Photo of Microsoft employee Wesley

I work as a product specialist in customer support for Skype. My role focuses on looking after customers on our social channels. I work in collaboration with the online support team on bringing a better overall customer experience to all of our users. I chose to join Microsoft because I wanted to be part of a company with a history of innovation, strong market presence and great business direction. I wanted to work for a company that is globally known for their business as well as their charity/philanthropy.

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Jindra (Prague)

Photo of Microsoft employee Jindra

I am a Lead Software Development Engineer, developing Skype for Windows desktop and Windows 8. I love the impact of my work here. My code runs on hundreds of millions of devices, is used by hundreds of millions of users and is making this world seem smaller. We are a true multi-cultural family, I get to work with colleagues from many different nationalities and cultures. In a way you’re not working for your manager, you’re working for your friends and family so that they can communicate easily.

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Tim (Redmond)

Photo of Microsoft employee Tim

I am the Dev Lead for the Asynchronous Communication Experience team in the Lync Desktop Client. My team owns any form of communication in Lync that doesn’t require both you and the other person to be on your device at the same time. I came to Microsoft as I had wanted to experience working in a massive company. Microsoft has teams that work on everything you can imagine and you can spend your entire career here doing what you love and moving whenever you need a change. How many companies can say that?

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Karsten (Stockholm)

Photo of Microsoft employee Karsten

I am a senior research and development engineer in the Audio team. I take projects from idea to implementation. This involves simulations with early prototypes, algorithm development and writing patents. My main contributions have been to help create the acoustic echo canceller, background noise reduction and the Silk speech codec. I love working here as we’re creating real change, allowing people to talk for free to anyone else anywhere on the planet!

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Kristel (Tallinn)

Photo of Microsoft employee Kristel

I'm lucky enough to be the quality engineer that looks after Skype on mobile devices. I specialise in Skype for iOS and Android. My work involves creating and managing test plans, testing, automating, reporting, scoping and risk mitigation. I came to Skype as I loved it as an application. I also wanted to be part of something big and exciting, ideally involving some travel. When I met the people here, I was impressed by how professional, multi-cultural and friendly the team was. It's never boring!

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