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Explore Microsoft program

How cool would it be if you got to explore different roles in software development in your freshman or sophomore year? If you aspire to be a software developer and are currently majoring in a technical field like Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Engineering, apply for the Explore Microsoft program and find out.


Explore Microsoft is a 12-week summer internship program specifically designed for college underclassmen (freshmen and sophomores) and offers a rotational experience that enables you to gain experience in our different software engineering roles. This program is designed to give you hands-on experience with various tool and programming languages in the field of software development, and encourage you to pursue degrees in computer science, computer engineering, or related technical disciplines. Your on-the-job learning will be augmented with mentoring, community building and networking opportunities.


Candidates must be freshman or sophomore students enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program in the United States, Canada, or Mexico with a demonstrated interest in majoring in computer science, computer engineering, software engineering or related technical major. Students must have completed an Introduction to Computer Science course (or equivalent class) as well as one semester of calculus (or equivalent) by the start of the program. Finalists will be selected on the basis of eligibility and demonstrated interest in the software industry.

All candidates who meet the above criteria may apply. We especially encourage applications from groups currently underrepresented in engineering, including women, Native-Americans, African-Americans, Hispanics, Veterans and students with disabilities.

When submitting your resume, be sure it includes your email address, school address and phone number, permanent address and phone number, intended major and expected graduation date. Please also include a list of your current courses within the body of your resume. Only resumes in English are accepted.

Frequently asked questions

You will have enormous responsibility, project ownership and impact during this 12-week session.

How does this program differ from the 12-week Microsoft college internship?

Explore Microsoft is intended for students who are beginning their academic studies and would like to learn more about careers in software development through an experiential learning program. The Explore program provides formal training as well as a group project experience working alongside other Explorers. Explorers will experience both core tech disciplines over 12 weeks (Program Manager and Software Engineer), rather than specializing in just one.

What can I expect to do during Explore Microsoft?

You will work in a small team to complete a project for your product group through which you will gain exposure to the software development lifecycle and our two core software engineering positions.

Will I work in a number of groups during this experience, or focus on a specific goal in one group?

We want you to become very involved with your group project, so we will assign you to a specific product team while you are here. It’s the best way to make sure you have the opportunity to make a real contribution. However, there will be plenty of opportunities to attend discussions about different Microsoft technologies and to learn from employees working around campus.

What benefits will I receive during Explore Microsoft?

Microsoft offers benefits designed to make your experience the best it can be, and Explore Microsoft is no exception. Explore Microsoft includes competitive pay, relocation, training, transportation and more.

Where is Explore Microsoft offered?

The vast majority of opportunities are offered at our Redmond, Washington campus.

If I haven’t declared a major, can I still apply?

Yes. We do not require that you be a computer science major in order to apply. However, we do require all candidates to have completed an Introduction to Computer Science (or equivalent course) and one semester of calculus (or equivalent). We’re interested in individuals who have a demonstrated passion for technology and a desire to further explore the field of software development.