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High school program

Do you want to work on cutting-edge technology that will make a real difference in people's lives all over the world? Do you want an inside look into high-tech professions that will inspire you as you make plans for college? Get a head start on building a good resume—and get paid.

Summer high school program internship

Our high school program internship is a paid 8–10 week summer program available to Puget Sound-area students. The program provides challenging and achievable projects that will encourage approximately 20 high school juniors and seniors to pursue their interests in technology.

Builder boot camp, Microsoft game, resume, and website innovation

Do you want to meet the innovators who work on Xbox One, Windows and Bing? Do you want to meet students from all over the Puget Sound? Do you want to learn some basic technical skills that will help you find a fun summer job and get into college? This three-day event will help you figure out what you want to do and provide the opportunity to learn about some of the many careers available in the technology field; a field with high salaries, flexible schedules and opportunities to be creative and make a difference. When you apply, simply use the same directions and requirements used to apply for the High school internship program.


  • Candidates must be high school juniors or seniors in the Puget Sound, Washington state area (at the time of application).
  • Have demonstrated an interest in technology.
  • Know how to email and use Microsoft Office Word.
  • Have a basic grasp of HTML, Visual Basic, or other programming language.
  • Be at least 16 years old and a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  • Be available to work full time, 40 hours per week, for eight to ten consecutive weeks starting in June of program year.
  • All Puget Sound-area high school students are welcome to apply. We especially encourage applications from minorities (African American, Native American, and Hispanic), young women, individuals with disabilities and students from economically disadvantaged families.


Applications are now closed for the 2016 High School Intern Program season. Please check back in December 2016 when we begin accepting applications for the 2017 season.

If you are interested in learning more, check out our program opportunities here!

Thank you for considering Microsoft.


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Microsoft Apprentice Program (High School Internship Program)

What makes Microsoft a great place to work? We have amazing products used by billions of people and millions of businesses. We have an incredible diversity of products, from incumbent brands to challenger brands, in established markets and emerging markets. The opportunities at Microsoft are hard to match anywhere else.

Microsoft offers a unique and unparalleled internship experience for a class of 15-20 teens per year who become a part of the Microsoft team through the Microsoft Apprentice Program (MAP). MAP is a rigorous internship offering high school teens exposure to business and marketing fundamentals, and career exploration.

Teens are assigned to managers in a variety of Microsoft groups. Typical projects include use of Microsoft Office products including Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint and involve data entry, event coordination, information retrieval, research, composing routine business communications and emails, participating in the creation and execution of marketing campaigns, and compiling routine reports and presentations. Many positions have a marketing focus, which involves work on social media campaigns and raising awareness about products and services.

In addition to the teens' role on their team they participate in ongoing group trainings and activities as part of the Program. Weekly apprentice trainings offer the opportunity to build skills and access resources to help the apprentices be more successful in their roles.

MAP begins in August of each year and runs through June. Teens who meet or exceed their performance objectives are invited to work for the summer session which allows for increased hours and project responsibilities.

Microsoft hosts this internship program in partnership with YouthForce, the youth career development component of the Boys & Girls Club of King County. Application period is open from April 1 – July 1 each year.


  • Candidates must be high school sophomores or juniors in King County, Washington state area (at the time of application).
  • Have demonstrated a strong interest in business, marketing, finance or technology field.
  • Age: Be at least 16 years old and a U.S. citizen or permanent resident by 8/1/2016.
  • School Achievement: Consistently performs well academically.
  • Experience: Know how to email. Microsoft Office Word and have other basic computer skills.
  • Schedule: Be available to work 2 -3 hours per day, from mid-August 2016 – June 2017.
  • Transportation: Ability to travel to/from Microsoft Campus (Redmond, WA or Bellevue, WA) each day.
  • Need: Preference will be given to youth who have the greatest number of barriers to college and career success
  • May not be a child or close relative to a current Microsoft Corporate employee.


Applications are now open for the 2016 Microsoft Apprentice Program. The deadline for application is July 1, 2106.

If you are interested in learning more and to apply, please click here!

Thank you for considering Microsoft.


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Photo of Mitali.

I was on the Data Science Team part of the Data Driven Outcomes on OSG. My team was extremely welcoming and I felt one with them throughout the summer. OSG organized a lot of great events that I was able to be a part of which really exposed me to the culture at Microsoft. I received firsthand experience of the life cycle of software engineering. It taught me the importance of planning out the development, developing ahead of time, and executing thorough tests. This has totally improved my approach to handling assignments in college and gives me an edge in rigorous classes such as data structures.

My favorite part of my high school internship was to develop something that would positively impact the company after my summer there. By devising an algorithm with which Microsoft can measure the importance of error codes, I was able to leave a lasting impact in OSG as they were able to use my project to improve the Windows experience. I also learned so much through the internship. Rather than a traditional classroom setting, I learned about CS in the corporate world and some of these lessons make me a better coder today.

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Photo of Arjun.

I was on the Cloud Computing and Storage team in Microsoft Research. I thought the culture at MSR in general was very relaxed and I liked that. I was able to learn something from scratch (web development) and build a full-scale project in just 9 weeks. It was an incredible learning experience and taught me a lot about how to learn on the job while building a project. It helped develop my passion for computer science and learned a lot of valuable technical skills during my internship.

Advice for you: Demonstrate your passion in some way. Ideally this would be technology related, but I think most important is to show that you are driven and passionate about something, and that you can show how you went out and pursued that passion. What initiatives did you take and how did you go above and beyond the experience of the average person interested in the same thing? This should help you stand out. Beyond that I think showing interest in technology is necessary, even if it’s not the cornerstone of all your prior experiences. Microsoft isn't going to expect high school students to have a ton of experiences, so what matters is not exactly what you did but rather why you did it and how far you took it. Microsoft wants driven people to work there and you have to show qualities that match the type of employee/intern that the company would like.

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Photo of Mitali.

I was on the Advanced Development Team as well as the Enable Team in MSR. Both teams were extremely welcoming and positive, individuals pushed each other to create and ultimately were rewarded with a series of fantastic products. My favorite part of the High School internship was the Microsoft culture. As an intern, you have access to Microsoft employee emails and set up meetings with computer scientists, product managers, and data scientists that were truly inspiring! Everyone at Microsoft has a story worth sharing, just ask them! As part of the internship program at Microsoft, you get to hear Satya Nadella speak! If you're brave enough, you can even ask him a question afterwards! It's amazing that Satya was able to take time out of his schedule to talk with the interns!”

Advice for you: Apply! The MS High School Program is an opportunity to connect and learn from the smartest minds in the tech industry. My experience at Microsoft was invaluable!

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