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Microsoft Aspire Experience

We believe that work is a place for exploration, creativity, innovation and professional growth. As a full-time university hire at Microsoft, you will learn from the finest in the business and experience an inspiring world-class program.


Microsoft Aspire Experience is an onboarding experience, designed to equip, develop and empower those who join Microsoft after graduating from undergraduate school and MBA programs. 

As a company, we look to those that join the Microsoft Aspire Experience to shape the future of our company, to spark the next waves of disruptive innovations, and most importantly, to help discover new ways to accomplish our mission. 

Come as you are. Do what you love.

We understand the value that people with different life experiences bring to our business. We embrace and celebrate our differences because we see them for what they are: powerful drivers of innovation. Come be part of our talented community.

Microsoft Aspire Experience

If you're ready to empower your career, we welcome you to apply for a role and join our Microsoft Aspire Experience. Successful university hires leverage the opportunity to help drive their careers at Microsoft. 

The following job disciplines participate in the Microsoft Aspire Experience:

We look to technical developers to create next-generation software solutions and applications. You will grow skills in technology and communication, present the business story, and mingle with developers of some of the most interesting applications.
We focus on modern technologies to help solve big problems and be competitive in a cloud-first, mobile-first world in this two-year experience. This program helps you develop a network of peers and build knowledge across the Microsoft IT ecosystem.
We focus on the strategy, development and execution of supply chain solutions. This includes operating new business models in the cloud transformation and support for our teams and field for product planning, launch, release and order management.
We are avid marketers, passionate about telling the Microsoft story and the way our products can help people and businesses throughout the world achieve more.
We're passionate about interacting with our customers and partners to bring the magic of Microsoft to consumers and businesses.
We are leaders with a passion for serving our customers and partners, helping them realize their full potential. We deliver consulting, support and customer services to businesses around the globe.
Opportunities for MBAs
The MACH Microsoft Aspire Experience is a great opportunity for professionals working toward a full-time MBA degree, who also have seven years of work experience. This program focuses on targeted training and resources to help accelerate your impact within the company.