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Microsoft Aspire Experience

We believe that Microsoft is a place for exploration, creativity, innovation, and professional growth. Once you’re ready to launch your career at Microsoft, we’re ready to empower you to achieve more. All global university hires, regardless of role or title, will be part of a rich learning and development experience called the Microsoft Aspire Experience, and MBA hires will be part of Microsoft Aspire MBA.

Come as you are. Do what you love.

We understand the value that people with different life experiences bring to Microsoft. We embrace and celebrate our differences because we see them for who they are: powerful drivers of innovation. Come join our talented community!


Microsoft Aspire Experience is a two-year learning and development experience for those who join Microsoft after graduating from an undergraduate, masters, PhD, or a full-time MBA program. As a company, we look to those who join the Microsoft Aspire Experience to shape the future of our company, to spark the next waves of disruptive innovations, and to help discover new ways to accomplish our mission.

​​​​​​​Start your journey with us today

If you're ready to empower your career, we welcome you to apply for a role and join the Microsoft Aspire Experience. Our University Recruiting team reaches out to students from hundreds of schools around the world to recruit for a variety of professions and roles every year.

In addition to the role-specific training that Microsoft offers to all employees, the Microsoft Aspire Experience provides learning and development opportunities through two distinct tracks.

Microsoft Aspire University Track

Microsoft Aspire is dedicated to recent university (e.g., undergraduate, masters, PhD) hires who are just starting to establish their careers. The two-year learning and development experience is designed for you to build your network, accelerate your growth, and discover opportunities—in your role, in your team and beyond—along with thousands of your early career peers.
Photo of University students talking
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Microsoft Aspire MBA Track

Microsoft Aspire MBA is designed to maximize the potential of approximately 200 MBA hires who join us from around the world every year. The two-year learning and development experience will help you discover and understand Microsoft, advance your leadership development skills, and build a powerful network.