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343 Industries, US

Image of 343 Industries logo

343 Industries is forging the future of Halo, expanding and building upon one of the most important and successful franchises in gaming history. Halo is a rich and exciting universe that encomasses AAA video games, New York Times best-selling novels and much, much more. Just you wait—343 is set to revolutionize gaming and entertainment by putting the industry's fiercest talent in one room and diving for cover. Come be part of the awesome.

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Turn 10 Studios, US

Image of Turn 10 Studios logo

Once you get a taste for changing the face of an industry, it's hard to slow down. At Turn10, it's been that way since we started reinventing first-party racing game development with the release of our first Forza Motorsport game in May 2005, and we've been pushing the envelope ever since. Want to work on the cutting edge of gaming? The future of entertainment has arrived, and we're right at its core. Join us.

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Black Tusk Studios, CAN

Image of Black Tusk Studios logo

At Black Tusk Studios we focus on creating games for the core gamers. What does that mean? It means that we get to work for the most adventurous, the most boundary-pushing, the most cutting-edge gamers in the world. Want to explore the frontier of modern gaming? Black Tusk Studios is the place for you.

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BigPark, CAN

Image of BigPark logo

At Big Park, you'll change the face of entertainment by creating and publishing more immersive, interactive, intuitive experiences that put consumers of any age at the center of a whole new entertainment universe. The future of gaming and more will be in your hands. Come be a part of the awesome.

Rare, UK

Image of Rare logo

Armed with versatility and know-how in equal measure, Rare is all about driving innovation to surprise and delight its audience. The double BAFTA-winning Kinext Sports titles set benchmarks in motion gaming fidelity, crowning years of Xbox support from Perfect Dark to Kinect Sports Rivals. Now in its third decade, Rare is still trailblazing showcase experiences for Microsoft platforms. Change the world with us!

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Lionhead Studios, UK

Image of Lionhead Studios logo

Lionhead Studios is all about creating games that you just can't pull yourself away from. If you want to specialize in creating highly interactive, labyrinthine gaming worlds with characters that grow and evolve, Lionhead is the place for you. Join us to build a whole new world of gaming.

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