Nitish, UX Designer at Microsoft

We work as one

One Microsoft means we join forces to positively impact the world. It shows in how we connect with each other in and out of the office, and in how we bridge global communities through curiosity, innovation and constant growth.

We listen and learn from the world around us

“Our ‘growth mindset’ culture lets us try amazing things; we are innovating like crazy right now.”
— Jennifer, Principal Developer Evangelist, Machine Learning
“Change is uncomfortable. But if you're comfortable, something is wrong – you're not pushing hard enough.”
—Julia, Corporate Vice President, Cloud Platform
Brandon, Motion Designer
“I have the privilege of being able to experiment, think outside the box, and solve problems—designing ways to help people be productive.”
—Brandon, Motion Designer

Giving is part of who we are

Whether we’re bridging lines of communication, donating products, empowering humanitarian organizations, using our skills to help others, or simply lending a hand to those in need, Microsoft makes giving a top priority.

$163 million 
in employee donations*
*Inclusive of company match
employee volunteer hours
non-profits and schools supported
employee participation
Mosaic of 24 Microsoft employees

We’re dedicated to diversity

We don’t just value difference, we seek them out and invite them in. We bring together people from across the globe and different walks of life—then support them with 40 different employee networks and seven global employee resource groups.