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Choose Your Next Adventure 

There are many roads from here to there—from the hallways in a starship to paths up a magic mountain. The end is wonderful, but your individual route is the most important thing. At Xbox Game Studios, we’ll help get you on the right trail for your career. Let’s discover which path is right for your vision.
Screen shot from Gears of War video game

“Working on video game accessibility is incredibly fun” and other aha! moments

The Coalition is dedicated to inclusive and accessible design. With the latest #Gears5 update, the studio launched a major new accessibility feature: Navigation Ping – Escape. This feature enables players to journey through the hive in a maze-like environment with the guide of audio pings. 
Developers Matt Booth and Katie Scott share their experience of bringing this idea to life. 

Hear from Katie and Matt

Turn 10 Studios brings Forza to life

Our talented team is at the heart of everything we do at Turn 10 Studios. To celebrate the people that bring Forza games to life, we've launched a website that highlights studio team members, how they feel about working for a studio where diverse passions come together to create awesome racing experiences, and available opportunities to join them. Whether you are looking to learn more about Turn 10 or be part of our crew, we invite you to check out these stories to see what makes us unique!

Look inside Turn 10 Studios
Image of woman with 3D goggles - text This is Turn 10
Screen shot from Halo Infinate video game

343 Industries creates worlds, journeys and adventures

At 343 Industries, we’re more than just a studio, we’re a family of talented developers who are committed to making awesome experiences for our fans. With Halo Infinite, we are building the most expansive and adventure-filled Halo game ever – a game we could only dream about making 20 years ago. We’re looking for the best of the best to help us construct heroic journeys, mythic worlds, and legendary adventures across the Halo franchise. If you have the grit and talent, we have the perfect canvas on which to imagine your future.

Read more about 343 Industries
"If someone told me 3 years ago when I started my professional career that I’d be working in the video game industry, I would have never believed them. 

I started at Microsoft working with an HR team, then an engineering team, and now I work at the Initiative. Working in gaming has been a huge culture shock in the best possible way—my day-to-day never looks the same, the fast-paced nature constantly keeps me on my toes, and my team consists of talented and creative artists and industry professionals who inspire me every day."

— Elaine, Studio Administrator, The Initiative
Headshot of Microsoft employee Elaine