The Microsoft Employee Referral program is a great way to help Microsoft hire the best and the most talented people—people that you would be proud to associate with and call your peers. There’s also a bonus incentive for you if your referral gets hired!

Where can I find more information about the Employee Referral program?

Visit HRWeb to read more about referral eligibility and bonus guidelines and what to expect after a referral.

How can I ensure greatest success for my referrals?

It is best to refer the person to a specific job as that brings them immediately to the attention of the respective recruiter. To do that, go to the search jobs section. Once you have found the position that best fits the individual’s experience, interest and career aspirations, add in the job number on the referral submission form, fill out the rest of the details and submit your referral.

Referring student and recent graduates

University referrals should be referred directly to open Students and Graduates roles that can be found through Search jobs > Students and recent graduates. For details about university recruiting policies and processes please visit HRWeb.