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San Francisco

Photo of conference room in San Francisco Yammer office

Yammer's headquarters is in the heart of San Francisco, and it's where most of our team spends their time. We've got engineers, designers, product managers, quality engineering, and more, working closely every day to make Yammer better, in an office surrounded by tech industry giants in one of the most exciting cities in the world. We share our space with a handful of other Microsoft teams, like Outlook Mobile, as well as a Microsoft-run incubator, which means we've got a lot of interesting stuff going on in our comfortable, colorful space.

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Photo of Microsoft employees viewing a presentation

Though situated at Microsoft HQ, our Redmond chapter is Yammer through-and-through. Our smallest and most close-knit team, we're bringing Yammer's unique engineering principles to the rest of the company. We work in the open (both figuratively and literally), use the technology we need to get the job done, and personally know each and every one of our teammates here. We maintain a constant back-and-forth with each other and our other locations, providing a crucial connection between Yammer and our parent company.

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