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Our approach to hybrid workplace flexibility

​​​​​​​At Microsoft, we value and support flexibility as part of our hybrid workplace where every employee can do their best work by working the way they work best. A hybrid workplace is a mix of workstyles across three dimensions: work site, work location, and work hours. 

You’ll see information about hybrid workplace and these three dimensions in job postings. Throughout your recruiting experience, you can discuss flexibility with your recruiter and hiring manager to understand the degrees of flexibility for a role.

Work site

This is the physical place where you work.

Work site information provided in a job posting indicates the expectations of working remotely or working on-site. The following information will be listed under the work site field in a job posting:

  • Up to 50% work from home
  • Up to 100% work from home
  • Microsoft on-site only

A job posting that lists 100% work from home can be applied for by anyone located within the listed country.

A job posting may not have any above value if the role is transitioning to hybrid workplace.  

Work location

​​​​​​​This is the geographic location of your work. Each organization at Microsoft has guidelines related to location flexibility. 

“Multiple locations” listed in a job posting means a job can be done from any or several locations within the country listed.  

Please make sure to check work site field to know the expectation of the physical place where you work.

Work hours

This encompasses the hours and days when you work. We support employees to work the hours that are best for them and that allows for delivering on expectations.
Work schedule could vary depending on individual needs. You will not see any information around work schedule flexibility in a job posting. Your work hours can be discussed with your recruiter and/or hiring manager during the recruiting process.
Job search tip: Use filtering option such as the work site flexibility or use key word search, “remote”.

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