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​​​​​​​We offer a variety of programs to provide you the support you need to reach your career goals.
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Microsoft Aspire Experience

Microsoft Aspire Experience is an onboarding experience, designed to equip, develop and empower those who join Microsoft after graduating from undergraduate school and MBA programs.  Positions available are Engineering, Evangelism, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Sales and Services. 

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Microsoft HR Rotation Program

Are you working towards a Masters of Human Resources or an MBA and are interested in a career in Human Resources? Our HR Rotation Program (HR2P) will foster learning and growth in the HR profession and will help put you on a path to becoming an HR professional.

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Microsoft Accelerated Connections and Experiences (ACE) Rotation Program

​​​​​​​The Microsoft ACE Rotation Program helps students and graduates who are pursuing marketing careers broaden their perspectives, build strong communities, and strengthen their marketing skill sets. Participants complete two unique one-year job rotations, each in a different marketing group.