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​​​​​​​At Microsoft, students can continuously learn and grow. Here, we give them a platform to enjoy the freedom to discover their unique strengths and express through ideas and innovation, which translates into driving impact and empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.
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Giving young minds the freedom to explore

We encourage young and curious minds to pursue their passions and move towards achieving them. We put our full range of resources into their hands and give them the freedom to come as they are and do what they love.

Empowering students to dream big

Microsoft India University Recruitment team has an eye for passion and potential. That’s why we conduct a wide range of programs across various domains and provide a platform where students can network, engage & learn. 

We offer students the opportunity to learn from the leaders, explore avenues as per their interests, learn through experience, and mach more.
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Upcoming programs

Unbox. Explore. Celebrate. ‘Microsoft Unbox. Explore. Celebrate.’ is aimed at presenting a kaleidoscopic view of our offerings to the Academia Ecosystem in India and showcasing the valued synergy of our collaborative efforts by unboxing opportunities, exploring possibilities and celebrating Microsoft’s impact together.

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Microsoft Academic Partnership Grant
Microsoft Academic Partnership Grant is intended at fostering academia and industry collaborations and result in breakthrough innovations in search, cloud computing, and data-driven content creation.

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Cyber Security
A program to nurture cyber security enthusiasts via a specially curated learning journey. 

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Engage Mentorship Program Through this initiative, students get a chance to be mentored by Microsoft and be a part of AMA sessions, webinars, and leader talks delivered by Microsoft employees.

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Stories that inspire

"Microsoft Learn was a driving force. It helped me better understand the tech stacks I was interested in. The Student Ambassador program also provided me a space to put into practice what I’d learnt."

- Haimantika
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Microsoft Aspire Experience

We believe that Microsoft is a place for exploration, creativity, innovation, and professional growth. 

Once you’re ready to launch your career at Microsoft, we’re ready to empower you to achieve more and welcome you to apply for a role and join the Microsoft Aspire Experience.

Our University Recruiting team reaches out to students from hundreds of schools around the world to recruit for a variety of professions and roles every year.

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Meet the #PeopleofMicrosoft

UX Designer

"Being a part of the Microsoft 
Design Challenge 2020 was a 
great learning experience for 
me. The competition provides 
a platform for designers to 
showcase their skills and get 
feedback from industry leaders. 
I encourage all the design 
enthusiasts out there to 
participate in this great 
initiative by the UR Team."


Software Engineer

“A company that invests in your 
growth, cares for you, supports 
and understands you is the 
company that you should work 
for. Microsoft is that company.
As a company, Microsoft always 
exceeds expectations and 
focuses on empowering 
everyone to achieve more – 
both employees and customers. 
Undoubtedly, it’s the best 
company to work in.”

Program Manager 2

“Working with the UR team has 
been a great experience for me. 
It is always great to connect 
with alma matter, and UR gave 
me the opportunity to give back 
to the institution. Various 
sessions, starting from 
conducting PM workshops, to 
hiring, the UR team has been 
awesome to collaborate with. 
And, it has been an enriching 
experience to be on the other 
side of the table. Cheers.”

Support Engineer

“Hailing from a city where 
opportunities are limited, 
getting into Microsoft, felt like a 
dream that is too far from 
reality. I have been hired 
through Fixathon; this initiative 
made me achieve my 
unachievable dream. Through 
this initiative, I picked up skills 
that my college couldn’t 
provide, I collaborated with 
people all over India, it helped 
my overall development.”